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General Orders

Article 1: These Orders lay down the regulations governing the award of Degrees and Diplomas in the Faculties (Higher Institutes) of the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST).

Article 2: Lectures at BUST shall be organized on the Semester Course Credit System. Course combinations are approved by Senate on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Board.

Article 3: One Semester Credit shall be the equivalent of one hour of lecture per week per Semester or one and half hours of tutorials or three hours of practical per week or a combination thereof as approved by Senate. The Semester shall last for 18 weeks.

Article 4: Courses shall be assigned 1 – 3 Credits and as approved by Senate on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board. A one Credit course shall comprise of 16 – 20 contact hours.

Article 5: Course coding follows a university-wide system. The four letters preceding a series of numbers represent the Department offering that course. The first figure represents the year; the second and third figures represent the relevant Departmental Course numbering

Article 6: A session or academic year at BUST shall consist of 2 Semesters of 16 weeks.

Article 7: At the beginning of the semester, each student shall be expected to register for courses approved by the Faculty Adviser. These include University General Education Requirements, Faculty and Specialty Requirements. Such courses shall be entered on the prescribed Course Registration Form and deposited with the Registrar after clearance with the Financial Controller. A class list shall be established for each course and handed to the lecturer at the beginning of classes.

Article 8: Registration for a course is deemed completed when the student has personally handed in all his/her completed individual course Registration Forms to the officer in charge of registration accompanied by receipts acknowledging the payment of all fees.

Article 9: Students shall not be registered for a course after the deadline prescribed by Senate on the university calendar.

Article 10: Students shall not write examinations nor obtain grades in courses for which the registration process was not respected. (i.e. those students who are not on the class list mentioned in Article 7).

Article 11: The University offers a broad-based, balanced and practical education in the sciences and technology. Students are required to take and pass at least one course in each of the following groups: civics/political science: psychology/philosophy; Cameroon history; use of English; Functional French; Information Technology skills and Survival Strategies.

Article 12:  An 8 weeks preparatory English Course is offered to French, Spanish and Portuguese speaking candidates who do not meet the English Language Admission requirements into BUST. Candidates who obtain a passing grade at the end of the course shall be considered for admission into BUST upon fulfilment of other admission requirements. The special fee for this course is fixed by decision of Senate on the recommendation of Council.

Chairperson - Hon. Achidi Achu
Hon. Achidi Achu (Chairperson of BUST) 1


V.C - Prof. Asanji (Standing)
Prof. Asanji Address - Open Day at BUST
Registrar - Dr. A. Allo Allo (Standing)
Registrar - Dr. A. Allo Allo
Prof. Mbah Angwana at Graduation Ceremony
Prof. Mbah Angwana at Graduation Ceremony
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