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A great initiative put in place to enhance learning and human development


My random exploration of the gift of technology (internet) took me to discover your web page and I must take this opportunity to appreciate the great initiative put in place to enhance learning and human development in the North West province in particular, Cameroon/Africa as a whole, and an eye-opening venture into a fast pacing-world of innovative technology and other complexities of current societal interactions.

I would like to receive more news related to the University of Bamenda (BUST). I was able to recognize an academic personality like Prof. Asanji in the pictures.

If possible, extend my greetings to him.

Maxwell Mbah
Doctoral Student (Education) NSU
Coordinator of General Education Development
Department of Education-Florida-USA


Friendly Atmosphere and personal attention:


Academic Advantage:
When you graduate from BUST you will be ready to be a leader inyour profession.


You’ll find both at BUST. Our lecturers really care about you. If you want to learn from top-flight Lecturers and be a member of University family then BUST is the right place for you.

The choice is really simple. Come visit us and you’ll feel the BUST different.


Name: Anim Lizette Nung
Position: Student Union Vice President
Academic Year: 2006/2007 academic year
Faculty: Health Science
Department: Nursing



The value of Anglosaxon Education


Those of you who know the value of higher education, the true value of Anglo-Saxon education, BUST is the place to reckon with.


Ghenghan Elfrida Njolai

Fourth year student

Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Dev't

Department of Environmental Sciences and Water Resources Management


BUST is actually a place to belong. Don't miss it.


Bust is a university that instils in students the capacity to become self-made. The lecturers open the doors to the universe and then you search and choose what you want. Many people think that you must have been to Harvard, Oxford, or Cambridge before you can be considered a knowledgeable person this is not true. I can say happily that I am not different from a Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge graduate.




B.Sc. Business Management(2003)

Information technology Manager Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board

Technical Services Department Box 1, Bamenda Cameroon

Linux Users Group Coordinator

Bamenda North West Province

OCOSO, Box 504, Bamenda

Emails: chidavidafu@yahoo.co.uk


Tel: (237) 7791-46-78


This is Bamenda City

..........."The Seat of Wisdom"

Bamenda is commonly known as Abakwa. A city of over 600.000 Inhabitants, Bamenda is the capital of the North West Region of Cameroon.  This region is well known to be the peace setter of education and politics in Cameroon. The city lies in a depression with the Bamenda Station Hill being the major communication obstacle. The major highway linking Bamenda to the West and unto …

US Ambassador at BUST
Us Ambassador
BUST aims at addressing the un-addressed issues in Cameroon education, consolidating the historic cultural diversity, unleashing the rich natural and human resources with which the North West Region and indeed Cameroon and Africa as a whole is endowed with, and galvanizing them towards raising productivity.
A cross section of Staff at BUST

Conducive Classrooms for learning

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